The laaaaaast oneeeee 

Peeps, I passed Step 3. Boo-yah! 

That means: no more Step exams, which in turn means it’s all psychiatry from now on. I don’t have to worry about renal tubular acidoses or touching people for a physical exam anymore. 

It’s a weird feeling, haha. But another one bites the dust. The end of an era 🙂 

And life? Life is good. In general. Blips here and there, and this was an emotionally/physically taxing week…but it’s all good. And I love my Russian, heehee! 

  1. New 4th Year said:

    Hi, you don’t know me but I emailed you! And major congrats on step 3, I cannot waitttttt until that (and intern year) is behind me! I sure do hope I match, getting your #1 is so inspiring!


  2. prodrome said:

    I wish I found this blog earlier and could have followed it over the years. I’m in med school right now and have BPD, MDD, and social anxiety disorder. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences on here. I’m still going through your posts but it has helped me so much knowing that you achieved your goals like this.

    Thank you.


    • Hi there! Not posting anymore, but still alive and kicking, and doing that residency thing. Recovery is possible and goals/dreams are more than possible. Keep on keeping on 😉


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