Interval update 

No purging! Yay! 

However, I’ve lost some weight. Not that I’m complaining. I’m just mildly surprised. I’m just letting my body do its thing, but in addition I’ve been skipping some meals. And it has nothing to do with weight control and everything to do with me being a lazy ass that doesn’t want to cook or buy groceries. My kitchen looked like a college kitchen up to 2 days ago. 

Meanwhile, I’ve restarted Prozac. Basically for prevention. I stopped it a while ago but was starting to feel in the hole again lately so I restarted it just in case. I have another month of medicine coming up soon so I want to be mentally prepared. 

And, I’m studying for Step 3. FML. I hate it and I’m failing hard in the practice questions. 

Going to sleep now. I don’t want to work…


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