It’s been…one week 

Yes, that was a play on the 90s song. 

Well, tomorrow will be a week since I last purged. 

And it feels wonderful to not be in close contact with my vomit on a daily basis. However, it crossed my mind today at lunch. But I was at work so I was able to distract myself. 

What I can’t distract myself from, and this is the first (and maybe last?) statement I make of this nature here…is the current political arena and things that are happening. It’s difficult not to talk about that because it shakes me to the core and makes my blood boil, honestly. 

I just want whoever is reading this or will ever read this to know, that my blog is a safe place for you. No matter who you are or what’s tormenting you… 

1 comment
  1. K said:

    Love you! So happy to see you back here. And I’m pretty sure I understand what’s making you angry 😛


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