Weekend potpourri

Ah, this week has been an emotional roller coaster. But I’m glad to say I feel great right now. Currently. At this moment.

The licensing issues had me freaking out and horribly anxious about 2 days ago. However, my program directors dissuaded that fear after having a meeting with me. They’ve been super supportive at my program and it makes me happy that I chose them. They’re confident things will resolve and that definitely calmed me down a lot. So, we’ll see what happens this coming week.

Really, all I want is to be a psychiatrist and help people. Is that too much?

So after all that mess, I decided to try and calm down. Been laying low the weekend, just adulting and doing chores in my apartment. Basically, nesting. Also, feeling slightly better about my appearance since my previous post. Just trying to be patient with my face and the time it will take to heal…trying to not pick, etc.

I recently received my long white coat *eek!*. That’s quite the milestone. It means you’re a doctor. It means you made it after so much work and sacrifice. Funny enough, I have a love-hate relationship with the white coat. I like how it’s a sort of uniform and gives an official tone to things. However, I’m not a fan of it because it creates distance with patients in a field like psychiatry. It’s one thing to talk to someone with a white coat about your infectious diarrhea, it’s another to talk about your past trauma and hallucinations. One doesn’t require the patient to feel *that* comfortable, the other requires as much comfort as possible.

Annnnnyway…none of that will happen if I don’t have a license to practice medicine. But we’ll see. I have faith in whatever that this will resolve.

Patience. I need lots of it right now.

And a bit of luck and good wishes wouldn’t hurt either.


  1. K said:

    Hi Love! Long time 🙂 How are you?

    I so SO EXCITED for you!! I know that this is a stressful time full of uncertainty and newness, but you will adapt! You are going to grow so much and learn so much 🙂 And I’m here every step of the way.


    P.S. As an EM physician I don’t wear a white coat but sometimes I really wish I did because I get so little respect. I get called “miss” and even after correcting patients and their family members they go back to addressing my male medical student instead of me and asking me to get them water.


    • Hey hun! Just had my first day of residency this past Friday! Eek! You’ve no idea how much your support means to me. Really 😉 ❤

      And ugh, I totally get that problem with the white coat too. Whenever I'm in a big group of guys and I'm the only girl, even if I'm wearing a white coat the patients never address themselves to me. -___-

      Take care love!


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