Another one bites the dust, part 5,981

I kinda want to die right now. Or sleep and not have to deal with the world. To my twisted mind, those are both the same thing. And yes, I’m throwing the phrase “I want to die” around loosely. Deal with it.

I’m still away from home. I scheduled a trip with a close friend to the city where Pizza Guy lives. It was convenient, surprisingly cheap, and since the opportunity to travel young and responsibility-less won’t come around again in life I said “why not?”. Plus, it happens to be the same city where my most recent dating interest lives.

And yet, it was a bit of a mistake and I can’t wait to get back home. I’ve barely spent time with my friend because she’s busy doing adult things and basically I’ve been locked up in the hotel and mostly sleeping by choice. And why locked up? Because my anxiety is very high right now. And why is my anxiety very high? Because I got my heart broken on only my second day here.

The most recent dating interest is no more and I am pretty devastated. Another one bites the dust. I’m glad I didn’t give him a name on the blog and I’m glad my sole traveling purpose wasn’t him. But still. We were sort-of-almost-dating and just going with the flow. But on Friday he confessed via text that after a full 3 months he’s finally accepted that we’re not a good match.

And you know what’s the funny thing? I rejected him after our first date. I told him I thought there were girls who were more compatible with him than me. He said “ok, but I believe in second chances”. We continued texting daily. He grew on me. We went out quite a couple of times when we coincided geographically. I started liking him. And then finally I was really into him.

But I guess it was the other way around for him. He thought we were a good match at first…but then he got to know me better. Granted, at least he wasn’t a douche like The Russian and actually told me what he felt. But still…

Can’t help but feel men only like me for my physical attributes and sex (yes, low-self-esteem-me is actually feeling that). However, once they get to know me they discover I have no personality and am something to run away from. They all say how beautiful I amΒ  at first and as time goes by they just drift away slowly, hoping I don’t notice.

But Dana, there’s other fish in the sea.

But Dana, that’s not true! You’re a great person! You’ve got an awesome personality in addition to being beautiful!

But I wanted that fucking fish. And I wanted it (him) now.

There’s a backstory to him. He’s been my platonic crush for all of 9 years now. I couldn’t believe I was semi-dating him. I felt so lucky to be semi-dating such an amazing guy. But no. After 3 months I get my heart broken by no less than my platonic crush. You’ve gotta be kidding me…

I’m fucking sad. Very much so. He wants to stay friends. I told him me too, but that he has to give me time to recover. But right now I don’t want to recover, I just want to see him and be with him. And knowing that I’m in the same city as him and we haven’t spoken since Friday is killing me.

Then yesterday I saw Pizza Guy. Nothing remotely sexual, I just wanted some good friendly company and to get out of the hotel. It was good to see him. It allowed me to solidify our current relationship status as friends. I told him about my heartbreak. And again…

There are more fish in the sea.

Dating fucking sucks.

Some new person will come around when you least expect it.

And that’s fine, sure, if I had the fucking certainty that I will actually meet someone or a few people who will be Mr. Right at the right time. But guess what? Some people actually live alone in this life. And that could well be me. What if my fear of ending up alone and without a significant other becomes a reality? Anything’s possible.

Meanwhile, my close friend met up with someone last night and is meeting up with him again today. I love her to bits but I can’t help but feel like an utter piece of shit next to her. I’ve always felt like the ugly best friend when I’m with her and I’m just so jealous of her meeting up with this guy. In summary: here I am, feeling ugly, personality-less, lonely, and heartbroken, while she’s out there meeting awesome guy after awesome guy after awesome guy…in an awesome city.

Why couldn’t I have this one awesome fish with me? What didn’t he like about me? What made him think we’re not a good match?

There’s only one common factor to all the guys I’ve dated or been interested in: me. So, it follows that I’m the problem, right?

I’m always the fucking problem. Maybe I should just fucking drown in a vat of coconut oil.

  1. K said:

    I know how this feels, Love. It is miserable. But we have to look at situations like these logically: if you consider breaking up a “failed relationship”, then ALL the relationships in our lives will fail except for one! (whoever we marry/stay with for the rest of our lives).

    I know this doesn’t help the heartbreak in the moment, but I think it will help you move on and it will help you the next time you start a relationship πŸ™‚

    Think of you always!

    Liked by 1 person

    • K,
      Thank you. It’s funny you mention it won’t help, because it actually did. You really put things into perspective there for me, love. I really appreciate it. Send me an update!
      Much love xx


      • K said:

        I guess you figured I meant “Thinking of you always!” haha damn overnights. It actually took me a really, really long to realize this about relationships, and it made me feel soooooo much better. When I was younger I didn’t consider breaking up as failing – I saw every relationship as an experience. Now that I’m older and worried about ending up alone, I look at relationships completely differently. I had to remind myself of the facts and it’s made it easier πŸ™‚

        I’m soooooo thrilled for you and excited for this new chapter in your life. You know I am always here for you! Moving out is a big deal (in a good way) and there’s a lot to learn, so please ask me anything… about residency, apartments, being a broke sort-of-doctor, trying to diet and work 1000 hrs a week… I’m going through it with you πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

      • Aww thank you love! You’ve no idea how much your support means to me, especially since you’ve gone through all of this yourself. On my way to update now. I’m fortunately feeling better after a few days of keeping my mind off men and such πŸ™‚


  2. Have you read the book DUFF? Cause you so should. It really helped me through this exact feelings!!!

    And I’m still holding out that your destiny man is at your destiny Match!

    When you stop looking is when you find. It’s EXACTLY what happened to me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw, I hope you’re right! And I actually have a feeling that you’re right. Heck, for sure you’re right, girl! πŸ˜›

      Liked by 1 person

      • It still doesn’t mean that you can’t be upset and hurt by the current heartbreak!! You’re entitled! It still sucks! I realized I forgot to mention that in my comment [i was half asleep]. You still mourn the loss and the suckiness, but just don’t mourn it forever. I still have a feeling that everything is pointing to one place. ;]


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