Geographic runaway


I haven’t posted because I’m busy traveling for a few days.

And in my travels I have been heartbroken. Last night, to be precise.

I’ll be fine. I know so. But I’m sad right now.

By the end of the week my posts should be back to their regular almost-every-other-day-but-not-really schedule.

  1. -A. said:

    Feele like to me everytime I travel I’m in the middle of some life crisis that ruins everyone’s everything (especially mine). I hope your traveling this time around is going slightly better but I’m coming to learn very quickly that unless youre willing to binge eat and drink anything and everything than everyone else will be disappointed in you anyway.


    • Ugh, I know the feeling! Always seeking that approval. And if not, they’ll ask questions, ugh! So annoying. It was kind of difficult for me during these vacations because I would binge (who doesn’t while vacationing?). So that resulted in me purging maybe 4-5 times while out of the country. Ugh :/


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