The definitive good news is…


  1. *ahem*iiiiiiii kneeeewwwww iiiiiiit!!!! The heart knows these things!!! Lady I’m so beyond ecstatic!!!

    This is the best news because it’s signs of amazing good changes to come!! Literally, follow your heart!! And your first choice meep!!

    *drops the mic*


    • Ah, Cassie! I still can’t believe it! Maybe you should be a fortune teller 😉 Thanks for keeping me company and being there in this journey, love ❤

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      • Fortune teller… No no!! Intuition yes!! Sometimes our hearts are our intuition and it sucks but we have to listen to it. It’s like the louder version of our gut ya know?

        I try not to live with regrets but sometimes I ignored mine and I missed out on so many potentials. So now I try and tune in. And like I said, watching the outer resis and fellows I’ve learned a lot. Tots hear for you bra!! Anyway I can help!! 😍💋💋💕

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