I washed my hands two days ago

The deadline for submitting Rank Order Lists was this past Wednesday 24th. I didn’t change my certified list, I just checked that it was, indeed certified. The paranoid medical student in me kept checking that little green “certified” making sure it wasn’t a hoax or it didn’t just magically un-certify.

So, since I didn’t make any changes to the list that means the following: I ranked the heart-mindblown program #1 and the brain-minblown/top program #2.

What follows is…waiting. Match Day is March 18th. Match week begins with Monday 14th, day on which I’ll know whether or not I matched into A program. Then on the 18th I get to know which one.

So there’s that.

Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep the coming two weeks. I’ve already had dreams about the Match. In the first dream I matched into the heart-mindblown program, but it was a secret and the program was making a secret pre-Match party for us applicants that matched (wtf??). The second dream involved my freaking out because I hadn’t certified my Rank Order List in time but everyone was telling me to “chill” because I could just submit it in the coming days (which is BS in real life, of course).

I just want all of this to be over. It was interesting while the interviews lasted, but now that I’m just sitting at home waiting….it seriously sucks.

And because I have no solid responsibilities right now, I have a pathetic amount of anxiety over the most mundane things ever. I can barely sleep because my mind is turned ON constantly and I can’t turn it off no matter how much I try.

You have nothing to worry about? I’ll give you something to worry about…

-My brain.



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