Some are hard of hearing.

I’m hard of living. 

Nothing like stuffing my face with 3 slices of pizza and cookies to make me feel better and like shit all at the same time.

Plus men. It’s always men.

And medicine.

More to come, my zombie babies.

  1. On a positive note, if you only felt better, then you’d have a farther distance to fall when you inevitably feel like shit again. At least retaining that “feel like shit” feeling along with the “feeling better” kind of cushions the blow.

    I so didn’t say anything that would make you feel the least bit better about yourself, did I?

    And I agree. Men suck. Including me. 😉


    • Gabriel, your thoughts always make me smile one way or another. How is it possible that you “suck”?! Never in a million years, my friend 😉

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