From Russia, with love

The Russian.

That’s what I’ll call him, guys. Yes, he actually earned a name on the blog.

So, we continued dating. Crazy, I know. I mean, perpetually single me, actually dating. And dating a dude who’s only four years older than myself. Say what??! That’s pretty friggin’ awesome.

We’ve continued texting and calling since I got back home. And that is mindblowing, I tell ya. I like him so much so far.

We’ll hopefully be seeing each other come November, while I’m on the residency interview trail. I can’t wait. I literally….cannot….wait.

The way things have developed with him have been so unusual for me, to be honest. I usually fall head over heels once I know a guy is interested in me. But with him I’ve just been more of a skeptic and kept saying to myself We’ll see what happens, don’t think about the L word just yet. I just can’t believe this guy is even remotely interested in me. It’s such a foreign concept.

And I freak out and think I should be distrustful because I’m just not used to a guy being interested and actually looking to stay in contact. I’m not used to so much goodness.

He’s also a doctor, currently living in the city where I was the past month. So, I’m not going to even try and deny the fact that wanting to do my residency at that city has to do a little bit with him. But only a little bit. I can’t chase guys forever.

It’s embarrassing to admit we actually met by way of a Tinder date. Don’t judge. He’s equally embarrassed about it, especially since I took to calling him “Tinder Creep” for shits and giggles.

I was looking at pictures of him a while ago and just kept smiling and beaming.

I’m such an idiot. An idiot who really likes the guy she’s dating ❤


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