You know that second test I had to take?

Ah, I took Step 2 CK today ladies and gentlemen. It is finally done with (that is, if I passed).

And I am positively exhausted my friends. Going to sleep soon with the prospect of a weekend off in my head…niiiice.

  1. K said:

    Hello my dear,

    Congratulations!! Isn’t it such a big weight off your back? It’s great, and emotional, and almost bittersweet… You are so glad to get it over with but of course you always think you could do better. I hate standardized tests.

    I’m so sorry I’ve been out of touch. Things got much worse for me… so much so that I took a leave of absence. I’m humiliated and trying to hide it from everybody and isolating myself. But it had to be done. I needed a timeout to work on things.

    How have you been? How has the eating been? Personal statements? I’m sorry – I hope that doesn’t stress you out bringing that up – but having been through all that I am legitimately concerned and am here to help if you need. How about we focus on good stuff – what’s been good lately? 🙂



    • Hey hun! I’m so happy to hear from you.

      Standardized tests are such a pain in the ass (and yet, I decided to go into medicine..??). And yes, you pretty much summed up my feelings on the matter. We’ll see what that score report says, hopefully a humongous bold-lettered PASS.

      I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been on a downward slope. I can relate so much to your humiliation. But I think the mere fact that you know it was something you had to do to take care of yourself is a huge step forward. Shows how mature you are and that you really do, after all, love yourself more than you think you do 😉

      Eating has been crappy, to be honest. Not horrible, but not great. Just…blergh. Personal statement…yikes! I need to get my ass out of my comfort zone and work on ERAS asap.

      As for what’s been good lately, read my latest post, it’s guy-related 😉 Feel free to move this conversation to my inbox, hun, you know I’m always here to listen: borderlinemed(at)gmail(dot)com.

      Take care, much love and strength your way, and please let me know how you’re doing. Thinking of you ❤


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