Current goodness

It’s been a pretty good week I think, except for my lack of studying.

I started a new rotation (internal medicine sub-I) on Monday. I was scared shitless on Sunday thinking I wasn’t able to be a good enough fourth year medical student, but so far it’s been running smoothly. Except for being incredibly tired, which is why I haven’t been able to study.

My parents are spending 4th of July weekend with us. And, surprisingly, it’s turned out OK so far. Except food-wise, things are good. They’re in a good mood, we’re in a good mood, and it’s all great. Food is always a pain in the ass because having my parents around means I can’t control my eating/food as much as I’d like to. And the stress makes me emotionally eat a little.

However, I don’t want all this goodness to fool me. These are the times I fall into the trap again and think Oh well, things are great between us, I’ve finally got the ideal family I’ve always wanted. The reality is this: I love my parents to bits, but like any other family, we’ve got our issues. And I don’t want all the goodness to fool me into thinking I don’t have to put up boundaries between them and myself. I don’t want to fool myself into thinking that because things are good now, then they’re always good.

I have to continue setting those boundaries, even if it feels bittersweet. And just enjoy the current goodness. But too much of a good thing makes it turn sour; so, I’ll try to not get carried away.

  1. I was exhausted through all of my internal medicine rotations, both as a student and a resident. It’s a challenging service, even without dealing with mental health issues and difficult family issues. Good luck with it!


  2. Naijascorpio said:

    Hey girl,
    Did u move away from home? Glad you are doing better.


    • Hey! I didn’t move away, just living close by, crashing my sister’s temporary dwelling 🙂


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