Well, sh*t…

I exploded. My parents (and the neighbors too) know everything now.


I’m waiting for some leftover pizza to warm up now.

I guess at least I’m not thinking about killing myself?

That’s good, right?


  1. I hope the explosion was contained. How are you doing now? Any fallout/consequences?


    • Ahhh it was not at all contained :S I posted about it just now. Not pretty, but apparently not that many consequences. Yeah, I don’t know how either.


      • Hope you are feeling better now….Peace.


  2. sometimes explosions are needed to work towards resolution. Hoping you all work through it. And definitely positive that you’re not having those thoughts.

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    • Oh I hope so too, really. And if it doesn’t work towards much resolution, then at least I voiced my pain….though it wasn’t at all pretty, I must say :S


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