Contemplating Psychiatry?

Freud & Fashion

As the 3rd year of medical school approaches, medical students typically narrow down their specialties of choice, and if unsure, feel rather overwhelmed since the decision practically solidifies their field of practice for the rest of their careers (though yes, it is possible to switch specialties during training).  Did I know at birth that I wanted to become a psychiatrist?  Absolutely not.  I went through my first two years of medical school wondering when the light bulb in my head would go off as to which specialty I was destined to go into.  Then, it finally hit me — I’m meant to become a cardiologist!  Well, that idea was short-lived once I became aware of the required six years of training after medical school (much respect to the cardiologists out there).  Fortunately, I discovered Psychiatry, which is the one specialty where I actually felt motivated to go above and beyond to learn more…

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