Natural high

I love it when I feel absolutely inspired. It calms me down, makes me feel alive. It always happens when I dance, and it’s….absolute bliss. That feeling of being in the zone…it takes everything away, every worry, every thought about my body, anxiety, every negative perception or whatever….everything. It strips away the dirt and it leaves me feeling wonderfully light, airy, and ready to take on the world. Same happens when I’m with patients and have good rapport or do a good job, or get them to smile, or laugh or whatever….feels wonderful. Everything is perfect.

It’s the best antidepressant/anxiolytic out there.

  1. i felt that way this morning after my workout…but then i ate too much and got a food coma lol


  2. Abby said:

    Agreed! Love it when the light shines in (and out!)

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