Two thoughts

I’m going back to medical school tomorrow. 
My dad’s surgery is tomorrow. 
Oh, dear.  I have a few things to post about in the coming days, but right now all I can think about is those two little factoids. 
I spent the day cleaning and organizing my room in preparation for tomorrow. Literally, getting my shit together….it was a pigsty. My issues get worse if my room is messy (to the extent that I sleep badly). So, I don’t want to go back to med school with the wrong foot forward. (As a side note: I’m listening to Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way right now. Yeah, you can laugh at me….or with me, really.)
Among the things I organized and cleaned up were my white coat. I turned it upside down and let everything in its pockets fall. I’ve had more stuff in my pockets before, this is just what’s been lying in there for the past 7 months. I took pictures, and here is the list of items in the pockets: 

  • Small notepad 
  • Maxwell Quick Medical Reference (for those damn little lab test values I for sure don’t remember after 7 months of no practice) 
  • 5 pens (which hopefully I won’t lose at the hands of an attending or resident in the next few weeks) 

  • Measuring tape (for measuring those widdle baby heads)
  • Clean & Clear oil control film (a girl’s best friend)
  • Two highlighters (don’t know why there’s two there, I barely use one)
  • My school ID 
  • Penlight
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Stethoscope 
  • Breath mints (inside that orange pill container)

In other words, I’m ready to take on the world (I’ll be the MacGyver of med students….not). At least I feel relatively prepared for what’s coming.

But I’m still scared shitless. But you know, I’m excited too? Very excited, actually. Let’s see how this second round of med school goes. Can’t believe it’s been 7 months.

As for dad, I’m pretty worried. I’m trying not to think too much about the surgery, and keep myself as optimistic as possible. So far it’s worked. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow. I can’t imagine how he’s feeling, I just hope he knows I love him very much.

Well, I’m going to sleep now. Only going to sleep 4 hours because dad has to be at the hospital ridiculously early.

You really have no idea how much I want tomorrow (and the coming days) to go smoothly. 


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