Bye Felicia!

I turned on the computer hours ago meaning to write this post, but my mood changed drastically a few minutes after pressing that power button. I was feeling elated, driven, happy. Now I’m just confused and speechless. Life has a strange way of taking you up to the clouds and then dropping you back down mercilessly. Yesterday was a great day. Today was a bad day. I’ll begin by yesterday. I’ll post about today later. It’s just…it’s pretty bad. So, I’ll give you my original post first…

I hadn’t mentioned this here, but last week The Ex searched me in LinkedIn and looked at my profile. I just received a notification stating he looked at my profile. I didn’t look at his profile, however. Needless to say, I was annoyed.

Then yesterday when I woke up, I noticed I had received a text message from a number that wasn’t in my contacts….the wife. I knew it was her because after so many years of being traumatized by a specific phone number you kind of just memorize the damn number. I thought: Not this bullshit again.

I read the message. It was her accusing me of looking at her husband’s LinkedIn profile. I was soooo pissed off, you’ve no idea. Last time she contacted me I just resorted to respond with a smart-ass comment and decided it was best to ignore her. But yesterday I was so pissed off, so tired of this bullshit. And I was tired of always having to take shit from her even after things have been over for 3 years. I don’t need to go through this. I don’t deserve this load of bullshit to continue messing with my life.

What follows is the conversation that ensued. Word for word (including her dumbass mistakes when texting and nonsensical messages). I had never responded like that to her or anyone in my life. About time I stood up for myself…

The Wife: I see ur still keeping an eye on my husband. Checking his profile on LinkedIn. U still want to get laid and can’t find anybody wholl do it for ya? Too bad cause its not gonna be my huband. Dont start messing around cause your the one who’s gonna loose. I still have 3 copies of all the evidence from the past.

Me: Really? How interesting. What a poetic message filled with “class”, like you said the last time you were bored and decided to write me. (Background: back in November 2013 she texted me saying she had class and I didn’t.) I regret to inform you that it was YOUR HUSBAND who searched me in LinkedIn; I presume because he had nothing more productive to do with his life. Don’t YOU and YOUR HUSBAND start bothering me with YOUR PROBLEMS, because I’m living MY LIFE peacefully. Plus, if I were to go looking for a man, trust me, I would not bat an eyelash in your husband’s direction because he is no “man”. If you suspect he is cheating on you, don’t start looking my way because it’s with another woman or womEN! I’m not interested in ANYTHING having to do with you, YOUR HUSBAND, or your “marriage”. Instead of texting me or searching me in LinkedIn, why don’t you focus on yourselves and your own existence??! You know, I’ve been doing it for THREE YEARS already and it’s been going great for me! Instead of picking up your phone and writing me (with which you achieve nothing) you could have used those 5 minutes to communicate with YOUR HUSBAND and throw him out like the piece of trash he is or to call someone who actually cares about your story and your lives. I think it’s PATHETIC you still have my phone number in 2014. Let’s see, who then is the “psycho” “stalker” like you once called me??? This ended THREE YEARS AGO and you still want to project your marital problems onto me??! Ridiculous!!! Go look for someone else, ’cause this lady here IS NOT INTERESTED IN ANYTHING YOU HAVE TO SAY. I repeat: I AM NOT INTERESTED IN YOU, YOUR HUSBAND, YOUR LIVES, I’M NOT INTERESTED IN A SINGLE HAIR RESTING ON YOUR HEADS. I have more interesting things to do with my own life! I suggest you both do the same.

xoxo! Have a nice day!

The Wife: Kisses for me.

Me: hahaha exactly! Well done, you got it! “A” for effort!

The Wife: Ur the one who runs around with husbands not me. And photos and fucked up sexual stuff. That’s u!!! U weree the one who checked out his profile. And if you have my number I have ur number too. Don’t mess with me and if it we’re for me you can keep my husband cause he’s the one that doesn’t leave. Stupid bitch take him

The Wife: s for stupid bitch.

The Wife: Get a life.

Me: Actually no, I don’t have your number. You appear as a simple +———- every time you text me. It’s just that I can smell absurdity and desperation miles away, so I know it’s you. Really, I pity you. Asking ME to take your husband? In 2014? Wow. But really, thanks but no thanks for the suggestion. I must say I don’t have a boyfriend or anything right now but if I were to look for one I prefer a real man and not some superficial asshole who wets himself over expensive clothing brands and cars. I’ve changed after so many years, as you can see. It seems you two didn’t do the same. Suggestion: be a little more INTROSPECTIVE instead of looking at those around you. Your lives are not interesting enough to involve a young med student student. The student is too busy at this moment to be remotely interested in your marital bullshit.

Bye Felicia! And again, A for effort for trying to make me feel bad, because you didn’t. Be more efficient with your time, instead of using it to write me.

The Wife: Haha you make me laugh your single and looking for a married man. Too bad for you!!! You’ll have to keep looking for him in social networks because its all you have.

The Wife: And yes i will always have my only enimy close. I only have a number but i have it.

The Wife: 2014 and your still messing around. Fucking single slut

Me: haha exactly! Again, you got it! A for effort! You’re on fire today, you deserve a bit of applause. I prefer being alone a million times over being with your husband. I don’t know about you, but I like my life just the way it is right now. At least I’m single and not married to a parasite. I encourage you to think about your long-term goals and whether you really want to die married to that parasite. You could have a better life, like the one I’m having since three years ago! You’re welcome to join the club!

She didn’t text me again. And she won’t either. I got utterly pissed a few hours later and downloaded an app from my phone company to block both her phone number and The Ex’s. They can’t text or call me from their phones now. They won’t even be able to reach my voicemail. Ever. Again. (Don’t know why I hadn’t thought of that before. It was my sister’s suggestion. D’oh.)

I also deleted my LinkedIn account (it’s not like I needed it or liked it anyway) and checked my facebook privacy settings for the one-millionth time. Plus, I blocked the wife, the daughter, and the wife’s sister on facebook.

Anyway, what’s important here is….I stood up for myself. I know this woman. She acts like she’s all tough and powerful, but really she’s just a woman in a miserable marriage trying to make sense of her situation and regain control any way she can. And she thinks she can control me and my life by sending me a few stupid text messages that sound like they were written by a 13 year old. I get it. It’s the only way she knows how to make sense of the shitty situation she’s in.

But guess what? I don’t have to take shit from her or anyone. I understand her situation, but I’m not some idiot she can mess around with. The relationshiT has been over for quite a while now, and if she disrespects me then I’ll fight back.

And I did. And I must say, it felt good. Really good. I feel like I finally showed some love for myself.

I can get used to this.

  1. Good girl. She's an idiot, it's quite clear from her messages that she can barely read or have an intelligent debate. You do you!


  2. Hey Barefoot, yep you're right. I have to say, ironically, it was the highlight of my day. I have more important things to deal with in my life right now!


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