Oh my, almost a whole week without writing here. So sorry for that, but I had a few reasons for it! I tried to fit in a little time to do it but I couldn’t since this week was particularly…interesting.

I’m feeling better since my last post. A bit down today because third year practically ended today and unlike my friends, I’m not 75% MD (yet). Also, today I took the ObGyn final exam re-take. It was pretty hard. I just hope I passed *sigh* Trying not to think about that.

So I had my appointment with M on Tuesday and it went well. I’m freaking out because August is closer each day.

But then that’s where this week turned interesting. After getting back home from the appointment I suddenly felt a sharp pain in the left side of my abdomen. There was no trigger and it was pretty bad, so I got very worried. After about an hour it suddenly disappeared. A few hours passed by and in spite of not having the pain, I was having constant urges to pee. So I decided to get a urinalysis done.

However, once I got to the medical lab I felt the pain again. And it was worse! And I was terribly nauseous! By then I was pretty sure of what the diagnosis was, and it made matters worse that once I started vomiting I couldn’t stop.

So, one thing led to another, and after vomiting way too much for my comfort and being in horrible agony, I ended up at a nearby hospital’s ER. I was moaning in pain, doubling over, vomiting, sweating…basically a mess. They gave me Toradol, but that did nothing. So eventually I was given an IV push of morphine. And a little while later a morphine drip. (As an aside, I have to say, the doctors and nurses were ridiculously nice, it was surprisingly a good experience.)

And, after a CT scan and a urinalysis, my suspicions were confirmed. I have a kidney stone! Yay! (NOT) Thankfully, it’s small, so I was sent home the next day with meds and instructions to drink crazy amounts of water. However, the little devil still hasn’t come out! So, here I am, waiting and drinking so much water that my stomach is distended.

So, that’s why I couldn’t post this week. Had to make the most of what little time I had left to study for ObGyn.

It’s funny that I had never been a patient at a hospital, and now it’s been twice this year. 2014 is proving to be quite interesting.

As for how I’m doing emotionally, like I said I’m better than my last post. Mainly it’s due to a conversation I had with my sister Y’s girlfriend. But I’ll post about that later since it’s more of a serious topic than kidney stones. Just wanted to let you all know that I’m fine and still here.

And I can honestly say that from now on, I empathize with anyone who has a kidney stone.

(Going to respond to your comments now!)

  1. I love this!! Sorry, not the fact that you were in pain, but that you had such a typical presentation and were able to diagnose yourself!

    It is so weird being the patient, isn't it? I once went with my roommate to the ED when she had really severe abdominal pain (they still don't know what it was, and she's doing further investigations like stool culture). It was so hard for me not to try to help out because it was at a hospital we were rotating at! I did actually end up taking her blood because the nurse couldn't. Then I slept at the hospital with my roommate (who's also one of my best friends), which was crap!

    Ahhh…. I'm kind of jealous you had morphine! 😛 I really should never try it because I think I would become addicted so easily.

    Anyways, I am sure the ObGyn test went well! You never come out of those feeling good!

    I hope you are feeling better and pass your stone soon!



  2. K,

    I know right! I suddenly feel good about my diagnostic abilities, at my own expense, that is :S And it definitely feels weird to be the patient. Being at the other side of the nurses' station is kind of awkward.

    It's funny you mention the morphine thing, because when they told me they would be giving me morphine I was slightly excited in spite of the excruciating pain! I think I liked it a little bit too much. Sometimes I'm so afraid of becoming a doctor because of the temptation to self-prescribe and such :S Hopefully it won't come to that!

    Take care!


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