A resident

Surgery has been great this week. Was working at the outpatient surgery service with oncology patients. So, I had interaction with patients, which was great because I seriously needed seeing awake patients.

But, what really has me in a good mood is that….I have a crush on somebody. Ugh. A surgery resident. Double ugh. Actually, he’s in surgery but he’ll be changing to ophthalmology next year, so please don’t judge me. I met him at the outpatient surgery service this Monday.

Yeah, I wasn’t even expecting to be attracted to this guy, but then I spent a good deal of time looking at him and interacting with him…and I’m really attracted. Damn it.

Today he scrubbed in on a surgery that another med student and I were supposed to be watching. And he gave me even more reason to like him. He seems so nice and considerate of us med students. He doesn’t seem at all arrogant like most surgery residents. I spent a good deal of time looking at him during the surgery, as it was (probably) the last time I would see him. The embarrassing part is that he caught me looking a few times…and he looked back at me.

Ugh, then he asked me to adjust his glasses during the surgery. I’m such a little girl, damn it. But the only time I dared speak to him today was to ask him what the surgery consisted in.

What pisses me off about all this is that I felt attracted to this guy in the blink of an eye. It pisses me off how fast I become attracted to men, and I think it has all to do with having borderline personality disorder.

*Sigh* I’ll be on call tomorrow for 24hrs. I might get to see him because I think he said he would be on call too, but I’m trying not to be hopeful.

Ugh, I’m so attracted to this guy. Damn it.

  1. Hi!

    Oh dear, where do I begin… hahaha. I’m sorry I don’t remember if you were reading my blog over last spring and summer but I had quite a bit of drama with a surgery resident myself. I’m definitely not saying they’re all the same, but watch out for (male) residents. And I guess male doctors in general, but the younger they are, I figure the less responsible they are. The very sad truth is that guys soon find out that after becoming a doctor, and especially a surgeon, they can get girls really easily. Girls LOVE doctors. (Unfortunately for us, this does not work the other way around.)

    Ok that being said, the guy I am (barely) seeing (MT) is a first year resident. But I don’t feel like we are different at all, maybe because he’s just a year ahead of me, and maybe also because I met him in a non-professional environment, not a hospital where the hierarchy is palpable.

    And then there’s my surgery resident. I met him while he was conducting rounds (and while we were together he ended up being chief resident). At first, I was not intimidated at all. I flat out asked him for his number when I heard that the surgery residents were going out and had no problem chatting him up at the bar. But as soon as we started hanging out, I totally felt insecure. That is really not my style at all, but all his success and seniority got to me. We were even the same age! But I felt he totally had the upper hand, as much as I made it seem like he didn’t. Other girls liked him and my classmates were in awe that we were dating and he’d even been on a reality TV show about Emergency Departments. I ended up feeling like he was better than me.

    Ok I’m going off on a tangent, but I totally get where you’re coming from. Their intelligence is sexy. Scrubs are sexy! And my resident was also not your typical asshole surgeon, like the one you’re crushing on. He was so nice to the students and he was really friendly and everyone liked him.
    Just enjoy it 🙂 Crushes are fun, and definitely make the long hours of surgery more interesting! I’m excited for you! I hope he's on call with you tomorrow!


    (If you’re bored, here’s a bit of that drama: http://skinnyinscrubs.wordpress.com/2013/05/15/699/)


  2. Geez, so I was thinking about what I wrote last night (as we tend to do, haha.. overanalyze) and I realize that my comment might have come off as preachy, and possibly irrelevant! I didn't mean that at all – I was just really excited about a new crush in your life. At the same time I don't want you making the same mistakes I made. Ok that's enough obsessing about my comment!

    Have a great weekend 🙂



  3. K,

    Don't worry, your comment didn't come off as preachy at all! I actually appreciate that you care about me and told me about your own experience with surgeons 🙂

    But nevermind the resident, he's got a girlfriend 😦 a resident from Ob/Gyn…so that's that.

    Will be posting soon. Hope to hear more of you!


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