Bad day

I’m a bit sad and lazy.

As it turns out, it seems I won’t be able to do a visiting rotation at this program I was VERY interested in. I fulfill all of the requirements except one: the Family Medicine rotation. The school requires I have family medicine done before rotating at their hospital. However, at my school we do family medicine in fourth year. I still have to check a few things, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to rotate there. As this specific program is very far away from home, and as I have no ties to that specific state, this lowers my chances of doing a residency there.

So, that’s why I’m sad.

I’ve been sleeping all day, haven’t studied. I just feel defeated over this tiny little thing.

On top of that, I find I really don’t like surgery. I get bored with it easily, and there’s no interaction with patients. I feel like I’m slowly losing my people-skills. But it’s only been one week, let’s see how things go.

I really don’t feel very good. I also miss M and it seems I won’t be able to have an appointment with her on the first week of February. That really has me very stressed, as I feel like I need her now more than ever.

I’ts a bad day, honestly.

BPD: 1 – Me: 0

  1. awww….that sucks! Surgery was the worst for me. I hope you are doing better today. (((hugs))). Med school is the devil!!!! 🙂


  2. Thank you Ms. sTing! I'm doing better today, I have good news for my next post 😉


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