An assault

Usually I post with more frequency. It’s been a week, and I’m sorry about that. Things were relatively OK until yesterday came around…

But before I get into that I want to wish a Merry (belated) Christmas to whomever is reading this. Thank you for sticking with me all this time.

Like I said, I was doing relatively OK until yesterday. Christmas was great, I spent it at my brother’s home with my family. The other days I’ve just been taking my sister and her boyfriend out or hanging around with them. I’ve barely had time to think, but in a good way.

And then yesterday things took a turn. I went with my sisters and mother to my cousin’s bridal shower at a friend’s apartment. When the party ended, I pressured my mom into leaving, because we were all bored. So we left. It was 8:55pm. As we walked down the road to our car, I noticed a car driving with its lights off, which was strange, but I didn’t give it much thought. So we got into our car.

It really is proving difficult to write about this…

I sat in the back of our car with my sister and my brother’s wife. My other sister, Y, was at the wheel, and my mom was in the passenger seat. I then noticed a strange movement outside and a man was standing right outside my door. He opened Y’s door.

He had a gun.

And two more men opened our doors in the back of the car. All of them had guns.

We started screaming. The man who opened my door started pulling at me and then hit me in the head. He took my purse. My sister, MM, was pulling at me and we got out of the car. It all happened in a flash.

They took my purse, MM’s purse, and Y’s professional camera and lens.

Then we got into the car again after the men left running. Y drove about 100 feet and a woman outside was gesturing at us to roll down our windows. We did, she was brandishing a badge. Police.

Turns out the police were following the men who assaulted us. But they got there a few seconds too late. The damage was done.

We cried, we hugged, we’re alive. Nobody was hurt. That’s what’s important. But like I said already, the damage was done. Yesterday I couldn’t sleep, MM is still very shaken, and today will probably be another sleepless night. I’ve been trying to not keep things to myself, to let go. However, I still feel the need to speak to M, to talk to her about this. But it’s Christmas holidays, she’s on vacation, and I’m here drowning in my fear and panic.

I feel like I could have prevented all of this. If only I hadn’t been so insistent upon leaving, if only I had told my sister to lock the car doors, if only I had payed more attention to that car with it’s lights off. I feel responsible for all of this. 

It’s all a nightmare.


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