I’m pissed.

There’s a certain unspoken rule when you take daily classes in an amphitheater. You commit to a certain area in the audience, period. You do not, under any circumstances invade other people’s area. It’s offensive, and scandalous, and inconsiderate. I’ll hate you, until you move.

So as you may guess I arrived to class early and lo and behold, a certain invader was sitting in my space. It doesn’t help this person is an absolute gunner. I probably wouldn’t be pissed had this person not been a total gunner, I have to admit.

Gunners….such an abominable species. For those non medical folk reading this, you might be wondering what a gunner is. They usually lurk in the first few rows in class, raising their hands every five minutes and asking out of topic questions that deserve an eye roll and only serve to boost their ego. They will destroy you, if they have a chance, for all they care about is being #1, no matter what it takes. They’re Machiavellian. They’re evil. They deserve to be slapped across the face. So this particular gunner thinks she’s all that because she did her undergrad in so-and-so university.

She’s still sitting in my chair. I’ll get her, I’ll get my mid-center corner chair back. For now, I’ll try to focus on class and not on how much I wish I could throw my cellphone at her back Naomi Campbell style.

Med school problems. Priceless.


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